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Bangus (milkfish; scientific name chanos chanos) is recognized as the national fish of the country. And out of all the bangus all over the Philippines, the Bonuan bangus from Pangasinan is considered the tastiest and most delicious.

The Bonuan bangus is exclusively grown in Bonuan, Dagupan City. While Pangasinan in general is known for bangus and there are other places in the province that are known for it, the Bonuan bangus is considered to be all in a class of its own. It is highly-prized for its juicy flesh and savory stomach fat.

Available in: Marinated, Unseasoned (Plain), Belly, and Smoked packages

Fish Sauce, Condiments

Janversal carries our famous Filipino dining staples, the bagoong and terong. In-demand with Filipinos and other cultures alike, our products add a unique flavor to your overall food experience.

The JB Bagoong is available in all Seafood City outlets in California and nearby states. It has now become the number one bagoong brand of Filipinos here because it perfectly compliments their favorite dishes.

Available in: 25 oz, 1 Gallon

Papillon Organics, Condiments

Papillon Organic's Coconut Sugar - The Natural Choice for Diabetics and Everyone. Our brand of Coconut Sugar comes from 100% natural coconut sap from the Philippines. It contains essential Vitamin B Complex and five micro- and macro-nutrients vital for body metabolism. Its low glycemic index makes it ideal for diabetics and helps manage and maintain weight.


Papillon Organic's Coconut Flour - The Gluten-Free Alternative. Reap the benefits of dietary fiber from our 100% Organic Coconut Flour from the Philippines. This flour is enriched with calorie-free dietary fiber - the most compared to other types of flour - and is loaded with more protein than enriched white flour, rye flour, and corn meal. We make our flour gluten-free and low in digestible carbohydrates.

Papillon Organics, Snack

Our twice baked, hand-packed Biscotti Cookies have no preservatives, zero trans fats, no artificial flavors, and absolutely no GMO ingredients - which makes it a perfect snack to pair with coffee, tea, or with your favorite light wine.

Available Flavors: Vanilla Almond, Classic Anise, Cranberry Pistachio, Butter Pecan, Chocolate Hazelnut, Orange Pecan


Available Flavors: Light Salt & Vinegar, Light Regular, Crackling Salt & Vinegar, Crackling Spicy Garlic, Crackling Original, Ground

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